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Art Lessons

For Age 2 & up

Personalized Learning Plans

Small Group Classes

Work With Variety of Materials,

including markers, oil pastels, soft pastels, paint on canvas, colour pencil, water colour and more

Learn How To Finish An Completed Artwork

Practice Fine Motor Skills and Focus

Develop Visual-Spatial Skills

Build Confidence

Share Culture and Knowledge

including Colour Theory, Shading, Lines, Forms, Shapes, Brush Techniques and more

Fun & Engaging

Mandarin Lessons

For Age 2 & up

Improve your Chinese through

 Understanding    Listening 

 Speaking   Reading   Writing 


Personalized Learning Plans

Small Group Classes

Interactive Learning Experience

Bilingual Teachers

Build up vocabulary, role play with everyday setting

Integrate different curriculum and materials, including songs, games, interactive online exercises, worksheets, arts & crafts, short videos, custom-made vocabulary cards with pictures, Chinese phonetics and stories

Practice pronunciation, sentence structure

Share Chinese culture and knowledge

Chinese books/curriculums may purchase online or

in-store at 

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